Hi. Hello. Hola.

I am Hannaliis, 24-year-old girl from Estonia. I love palm trees, warm weathers, peanut butter, puppies, coffee, and doing things by my own rules.

I’m dividing my time between my hometown Tallinn and the tropics. So I’m organising my life in a way that lets me skip the cold winters and come home for the beautiful summer days.

After getting my Bachelor’s degree in advertising in 2017, I moved to Barcelona for 9 months for an internship.  My time there taught me that firstly, I love the adventure of living abroad and secondly, I don’t want to be stuck at an office from 9-5. 

So after the internship, I became a freelance social media marketer. This allowed me to work with various cool brands while sipping coconuts in Bali or learning to surf in Sri Lanka. All I need is a computer, internet, and an ice-coffee.

So by now  (April 2020) I’ve lived in Bali, Sri Lanka, Vietnam (and travelled to many different places) while doing social media marketing. I love the freedom and flexibility this lifestyle gives me. Currently I’m building my own social media studio – The Wavy Social.

If you want to catch up with my daily life, follow me on Instagram  @hannaliisr

Nice to meet you!