The 3 months I spent in Bali were an absolute dream. Bali is really special  – the people, the culture, the nature. It just grew on me real bad. And now the island is my home away from home. ♥

Here are 5 things I learned in Bali:

I hope these things stay with me everywhere in the world I go.

Smile more.

Every local I met had the biggest smile on their faces. And I said more hello’s to strangers there in 3 months than I’ve ever had before. Tying to really practice this in Estonia as well. To smile more and spread positivity.

Be kind.

Everyone wants to help. They are so kind and friendly and welcoming. Whether it’s opening a coconut, giving way in traffic, helping you to park a scooter or fixing something at the house. It’s so humane to take care of each other without asking anything in return.

See the bigger picture.

Yes. Sometimes there was no power, no internet, lots of bugs, etc whatevah problems. But these things don’t matter. I still sometimes get frustrated and have to remind myself not to stress over the little things. It’s an ongoing practice, but I feel like I’m getting better at this.

Being in nature is necessary.

Living between the fields and having this palm tree view every morning really felt good. It kinda cured my soul. The calmness, the greenery, the energy – it’s so therapeutic to just be in the nature. And I feel like there is so much more air to breath and space to think. So wherever I live next, it needs to be surrounded by nature.

Take time for yourself.

I did much more reflecting and thinking than I’ve done in a long time. I feel that before I got into the habit of silencing my thoughts with music, audiobooks and podcasts (which I love), but it’s so important to frequently just have conversations with yourself and see where your mind goes when you let it. You might learn a thing or 2 about yourself. I know I have. And now I feel so much more connected with myself and with my surroundings.
Thanks for reading it through. What lessons have you learned abroad? Let me know in the comments. ♥

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