Hey guys! So glad to see you here!
If you follow me on Instagram you might know that I live in Barcelona with my boyfriend.  I thought to share with you how and why we ended up here. We are originally from Estonia and moved here in September 2017 – so it has been half a year now (wow, time really flies fast!). I think coming to live here is one of the best decision of my life. I’m going to explain you a bit how we chose Barcelona and what exactly am I doing here!


Actually it was our first trip together abroad in August 2014 and we both loved it so much. I had been to Barcelona twice before and still every time I am here, the city amazes me again and again (I just cannot get enough of the palm trees, haha). So we wanted a destination that was warm (or at least warmer than Estonia) and had a cool vibe – Barcelona was both of these things. Now after 6 months I can easily say that the city has stolen my heart for good ♥.


The whole idea started already during my second year in uni, where I studied advertising. I knew I wanted to go abroad and Erasmus program seemed the easiest way to do so. My university did not have many schools to pick from (in advertising department) – actually I think there were none – so I searched for a school myself. I found one in Barcelona and really wanted to go there.

Despite my effort, the bureaucracy took too long (to be honest my school administration was not the most helpful with the process as well) and I missed the deadline for the Erasmus scholarship (although I made tens of calls and wrote lots of e-mails during many months). I was so devastated, cause I really really REALLY wanted to go.

And so I decided to go anyway. After I graduated. This time with Erasmus+  internship program. So not to study, but to get practical experience in an advertising agency. 

I started looking for advertising agencies around Europe already in the beginning of my third year (in September 2016). I made a portfolio with my work and wrote to 100 agencies. ONE HUNDRED, see how badly I wanted this!! And my hard work paid off, cause I was accepted to 2 agencies – both in Barcelona. I decided to go to the bigger one and now, 6 months later, I don’t regret my decision at all. (I am going to write another post about applying to the internship and how the whole experience has been, so stay tuned for that.)

So to sum it up, I am a creative intern at an advertising agency. My work includes coming up with ideas, slogans, scripts, social media campaigns  making mood boards and other creative stuff. If you want to hear more about my work and what projects do I do daily, let me know in the comments!

It’s really crazy to think that we came here 6 months ago. It kinda feels like we have lived here for years, but kinda like we just got here. But the whole experience here has taught me a lot and definitely made me get out of my comfort zone. I think this story shows exactly how everything is possible and all dreams can be turned into reality if you really really want it! So my advice – go always for the option that scares you the most!

To end this post, I am sharing some snaps of when we first moved here:

That was the first day here and already addicted to the fresh bread 😀
Discovering around our neighbourhood
Buying a plant to make the home more home ♥
And of course getting a coffee maker (here you can see our home a bit as well)
Wandering around the city in every free second we have. Love it in the daylight and in the night time as well.


If you have any comments or questions, please share them down below.

8 thoughts on “How did I end up in Barcelona?”

    1. Aitäh-aitäh, Janet!
      Sinu Instagram on ka eriti mõnusat motivatsiooni ja energiat täis – tore vaadata ja kaasa elada! 🙂

    1. Hehe, tänks Joanna!
      Täiega tore kuulda, et pakub huvi!! Kindlasti kirjutan pikemalt kõigest 🙂

  1. Juhhuu, olen uhke su üle, et sa nii asjalik ja kindlameelne oled!
    Sa võiksid mingi postituse ka teha ala et milline su tavaline tööpäev on vm.

    1. Jaa! Aitäh toetuse eest :*
      Kindlasti kirjutan agentuurist ja igapäeva elust pikemat (aga 2 kuu pärast, kui praktika on ametlikult lõppenud, haha)

  2. Vau, kui lahe otsus! Väga inspireeriv postitus ka! Kindlasti tahaks kuulda ka reklaamiagentuurist ja näiteks ka Sinu tehtud töödest. 🙂

    1. Aitäh-aitäh nii positiive ja motiveeriva tagasiside eest! Rõõm kuulda et on huvi ja kirjutan agentuurist pikemalt, kui lõpetan praktika (2 kuu pärast). Aitäh veelkord kommenteerimast! 🙂

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