I know I’m SOOOO late with this post, but the beginning of the year has been so busy and this is my first Sunday just to sit down with a coffee and a computer and think about my last year. Better late than never, tho!

selfportraits, dec 2018

I added this to categories, so it’s easier to follow. Let’s roll:

My 2018 in travels

  • 8 months spent abroad. First time in my life I spent more away than at home.
  • 7 trips taken. Marrakech, Costa Brava, Andalusia, Kiev, Paris, Bali and Kuala Lumpur.
  • 3 new countries visited. Morocco, Ukraine, Malaysia.
  • 1272€ spent on plane tickets. And 439€ spent on Airbnb’s.
  • 18 flights flown all together. Including connection flights.

3 travel highlights: Road-tripping in Andalusia for 2 weeks / Visiting Paris with my girls / Living in Bali for 3 months.

What travelling taught me? Definitely to be more grateful and not take things for granted. And also you don’t need as much stuff as you think you do.

What I’m most grateful about? My baby boy and travel buddy Markus, without whom I would get lost all the time (I’m the worst when it comes to maps and directions). And without whom I couldn’t imagine living and travelling like I do.

Where do I want to travel in 2019? At the moment the plans are Sri Lanka, Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos for sure and then maybe The Philippines, Denmark and Bali again.

My 2018 in personal life

  • Started this blog. I used to blog when I was a teenager and I kinda felt that I wanted to capture some of my life and travels again. So I worked real hard at the beginning of the year to create this thing here. THANK YOU FOR READING. It really means the world to me.
  • Read 16 books. Which is like 16 more than I read in 2017… My total life changer was the Scribd app, which really made me fell in love with audiobooks and it’s honestly the best thing while walking, flying, trying to fall asleep. (not sponsored just really love it.)
  • Didn’t drink alcohol for 4 months. One month in Barcelona and three months in Bali. The detox feels really good to the body and mind, definitely planning to drink less in 2019 as well.
  • Tried out yoga and meditation. In Bali I did yoga regularly for the first time in my life and it felt great. Need to get back to it asap. About meditation, went to a class and it felt weird, hah. Probably should give it one more chance.

3 personal highlights: Celebrating 4 year anniversary with Markus / fostering a million puppies in Bali, okay not a million, but a lot / feeling really happy and in peace for the most part of the year.

Biggest lesson learnt? Happiness doesn’t come from the outside. It’s totally an inside job.

What I’m most grateful about? The feeling of freedom and being able to discover the world with the love of my life.

What do I want to accomplish in 2019? Work-life balance. At the moment I kinda haven’t prioritised working out and working on myself. Changing that!

My 2018 in work life

  • Internship. The first half of the year I lived in Barcelona and did a creative internship in an ad agency there. This taught me a lot about working together with other people.
  • Started working for Bold Tuesday. After the internship, I became a social media marketing manager for Bold Tuesday, which is Markus’ brand and baby. So at first we were kind of unsure if we want to mix personal and professional relationship, but I’m so glad we did. Now I can spend most of my everydays with the person I like the most in the world.
  • Took photos. And actually first time in my life I got paid to create content. I love taking photos and definitely want to become better and better at it. Check my progress on my Instagram.
  • Experimented with Lightroom. Definitely not a pro, but I remember at first I was so confused and scared of using it. Now I feel more comfortable and really motivated to keep on learning it in 2019.

3 work highlights: Finishing my internship in Barcelona / Joining Bold Tuesday / Making my own company and getting my first freelancing projects.

Biggest lesson learnt? Planning is the key. Don’t underestimate how long a task is going to take. I’m really struggling with this as I plan too much things in one day.

What I’m most grateful about? Being able to work remotely. From the other side of the world. I remember so clearly how I dreamed of this kind of lifestyle and now it’s my reality.

What do I want to accomplish in 2019? More interesting freelance projects! If you have an idea, drop me a letter at hello@hannaliis.com

Thanks for reading through this! You can use the same questions and think about your last year (if you haven’t already). I also put down some dreams for 2019, but these I’m going to keep as a secret. ♥

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