Took a little city break and went from a real jungle, Ubud, to a concrete jungle, KL. It was especially exciting as it was my first time in Malaysia. If I had to describe the city in 6 words, it would be: skyscapers, greenery, shopping malls, no dogs (at all) & clean. 

Our 3 days in Kuala Lumpur looked something like this:

PS! Also letting you know if I think these things were worth visiting.

Day 1 in KL

  • Swimming in a rooftop pool – YES. I know this is very cliché, but seeing the city wake up at 7 am from a rooftop pool IS honestly cool. Can’t recommend the famous Regalia Suits, but there are many other hotels and cafes with rooftop pools.
  • Walking around the city centre – YES. It was so cool to be in the big city after a while. Living in Bali between the rice fields and palm trees has distanced me from the hustle and bustle of a metropolis, but it was nice to experience that for a second. And the skyscrapers are really impressive. I’ve never seen so many high buildings.
  • Seeing the Petronas Twin Towers – YES. These were the highest buildings in the world till 2004 and are still the highest twin towers in the world. WOW. The Petronas are unbelievably high. You can go to the top as well, but we decided to take a look at the city from the KL tower (see day 3).
  • Eating at Water Lily Vegetarian Restaurant – YES. A super-cute family restaurant with vegan daily offers. This lunch was the best we had on the whole trip and tasted especially good after a misfortune a day before (when we were served chicken and noodles that tasted like fish?).

Day 2 in KL

  • Visiting the Batu Caves – YES, but we failed with getting there early. Arrived around 12 o’clock and the place was packed. I get so anxious when visiting touristic places and really cannot enjoy the moment, although the caves were really impressive. Natural caves with super-high ceilings, religious ceremonies happening inside and monkeys hanging around. Again, something I’ve never seen before.
  • Walking around the Perdana Botanical Garden – YES x 100. I have a thing for plants and botanical gardens. And this one is HUGE. We were almost the only people there as well and it felt so relaxing walking in the nature and feeling like we were away from the city (although it was right in the centre).
  • Eating at MTR 1924 – YES. As the Indian community is really big in KL, there are a lot of Indian restuarants. We found this great place, that served vegetarian South Indian food, which was really different from the Indian food I’ve eaten in my life. A little bit spicy for me, but Markus really really liked it.
  • Discovering the Chinatown – YES/NO. I didn’t really enjoy this Chinatown market. It’s just a long street filled with shops with fake watches, sneakers and shirts. And the people weren’t that friendly. There were 2 shops that didn’t let me try the clothes. What?! 😀 Overall, the service culture in KL felt cold and unfriendly – incomparable to Bali.

Day 3 in KL

  • Visiting the KL tower – NO. We wanted to go there as it’s one of the tallest towers in the world, but paid 20€ per face to get to 421m up high. It was all so crowded (again failed with the timing and went around midday) and the view from so up high isn’t even that impressive (cause the big houses seem so small). + as we were already up there I wanted the famous glass-box photo as well. And for that we waited 40+ minutes in line and then had 1 minute up there to take photos. Haha. Never again.
  • Peaking into the shopping malls – YES. Even if you don’t need anything, taking a look at KL shopping malls is an experience. These are HUGE. I got myself new running sneakers and a 2019 planner, so nothing crazy. Although it’s hard not to go crazy as there are SO MANY things.
  • Eating street food on Jalan Tengah – YES. During the day this street becomes a street food market for office people. You can get super-good food with cheap price. The only thing for plant-based people – must be super-duper careful (they tend to put meat and fish into EVERYTHING. And when asked they say no it’s just vegetables)…But had the BIGGEST mango smoothie of my life there for only 2€.
  • Visiting the Central Market – NO. This place used to be the main market, but now it’s full of touristic shops. To me this wasn’t anything special.

Glad I got to tick off another country on the map. And definitely I want to discover the rest of Malaysia in the future as well. Every place that has palm trees wins a piece of my heart.

Have you ever been to KL? Let me know in the comments. And happy to answer any questions you might have about this city as well.


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