I thought to start of the BALI series with telling you what are we doing here and how are we able to live here for 3 months. As some of you were wondering on Instagram – do we work, or just travel or what, haha.

As you may or may not know, I got a BA in advertising 2 years ago, then I went to Barcelona for an 9 month internship at an ad agency. In Barcelona I also did some freelancing work on the side – mostly social media and copywriting. And in spring, right before I endid my internship, Markus (my bf) offered me a job.

I’ll hop in and tell you what Markus is doing, and then get back to what I’m doing.

So about 4 years ago Markus started a brand together with a fellow designer Kairi. If you haven’t heard of Bold Tuesday, you should definitely-definitely check them out. They design super minimalistic world maps, where you can mark all the places you’ve been. To me, this brand is a perfect combination of design and travelling, which I both LOVE.

So anyway, back to the point. He and Kairi are doing Bold Tuesday, so he can work from anywhere in the world. The only thing he needs is internet. And in spring I joined their team part-time. I’m responsible for social media and influencer marketing. This includes everything from creating strategy, content, campaigns and managing collaborations. To me, this job never gets boring as the brand itself is creative and I get to try out and test different things. AND as I’m living the travelling lifestyle this brand speaks to me tooo well. Huh. Match made in heaven.

Okay, moving on. So Bold Tuesday is my part-time job. And then I had two other projects – one was Instagram and other was copywriting, but both of these are on hold at the moment, so I don’t want to mention the brands. But I’m looking for more work through freelancing sites and just by writing to brands personally. But if you know a brand that needs social media marketing or copywriting, hit me up!

In conclusion I’m just starting out as a freelancer. It’s not as easy and steady as a regular job, but that allows me to live wherever I want, which at the moment is so much more important to me than a big pay-check.

And talking about money, it’s such a funny thing. Money is so relative. Some people who have money in abundance, still feel like it’s never enough and others are happy with the smallest amount. That’s what I’ve seen everywhere here in Bali. People live in the most simple conditions and have the biggest smiles on their faces. For me, money is just a tool, it’s definitely not the end goal.

And I think it’s all comes down to priorities. Some people prefer to buy clothes, some love to eat out every night and others fancy expensive cars. Everyone has their own thing. We literally spend all of our money on travelling.

Photos taken during first sunset in Bali, in front of our Airbnb.

Hope you got some answers from here. And let me know if you have any more questions about us or about living in Bali.


2 thoughts on “BALI ep. 1 – What are we doing here”

  1. Oh my god, your lifestyle is my dream. I hope i can achieve it someday. Being free is happiness do whatever you want whenever you want

    1. Haha thanks! I truly feel grateful over the life I can live. I hope you can feel it too soon. xx

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