We managed to find our dream home in Bali with a super-good price with just ONE day. I’m going to tell you how we did it and what areas in and around Ubud are my favourite ones to live in.

When we first came we had an Airbnb for 5 nights and within that time we wanted to find a long-term home here on the spot. I’ve never actually looked for a home like this and I was kind of nervous that we wouldn’t find one that easily. But…our home was the second one we looked and it just felt so right.

Find wifi, coffee and get searchin’ for that house.

How to find the perfect place to stay in Ubud?

When you are here (or anywhere else short-term) I suggest you use Airbnb, cause there’s no point in wasting your time on the spot looking for places to stay. But for long-term, you can really save money, if you book it on the spot not through a site. And most of the houses are not even listed on online sites.

So, for long-term stays what I recommend are:

Facebook groups

I joined many Ubud based rental groups, like:

+ there are soo many more. There you can scroll through the latest offers and contact the owners. PS! everyone uses Whatsapp here, so make sure you have the app and also buy a local sim so you can keep in touch with them even if you don’t have wifi.

And if you don’t find what you are looking for right away, you can make a post with description of what kind of house you are looking for. My post was this:

Hi. 2 persons looking for a house/apartement to rent for 3 months. Starting as soon as possible. 

Location: Ubud or nearby areas (max 7km from Ubud center)
* 1 bedroom
* fast wifi
* hot water
* private kitchen and bathroom
* air conditioning
* desk/table to work at
(Garden and pool are bonuses, not a must)
Price per month: max 6M IDR

I posted this to many groups and got some offers (but by that time I’d already found a home).

You also need a scooter or a driver to go see the available houses ASAP. If you wait too long, someone else will take it. For example, we contacted the owner of the house we are staying in only a couple of hours after the listing was posted and were the first ones to see the house. On the same day the owner got many more requests, but we’ve made a deal already.

Drive Around

As we’ve been to Ubud before, we know one area we really liked and we just drove around there and looked for signs that said “for rent”. It was Sunday so many people weren’t at home but I think this tactic will work fine if you have some patience. Now walking around here we see SO MANY signs everywhere, so it’s really easy to find a place like this if you know the area you want to stay in.

My Favourite Areas In & Around Ubud

There are some really special hidden gems around Ubud centre. I’m not a fan of the busy main streets and we were definitely looking for something more relaxed and in the nature.

Jl. Subak Sok Wayah street

That’s a gorgeous little road between the rice fields – not so much traffic and lots of yoga studios, great cafes and spas. There are also some villas for rent, so I’d definitely check there. Love this area A LOT and fortunately it’s close by so we often go there for a walk or for a juice.

So calm and so peaceful. Love this hidden gems.

Sayan neighbourhood

So we are staying in Sayan and from our house it’s a 15 min drive from the centre of Ubud. This location is amazing, very local but at the same time we’ve met many foreigners living here for long-term. There is lots of nature around and even a walking trail, which is rare to find in Ubud. And we have a market very close by. Our place is close to the Moksa restaurant and I’d recommend this area 10/10.

The road I walk on every morning – coconut trees, banana trees and lots of fields.

Jl. Bangkiang Sidem street

It’s also a rather quiet street between rice fields. We discovered a nice cafe there 2 years ago with a free pool, and now we spend most of our Sundays there, haha. The cafe is called Alam de Ubud and there’s never any people. So like a private pool as our house doesn’t have one. On the same street, there’s the cheapest place we’ve eaten – Raditya Cafe – with the nicest sunset view on the rice fields. Crazy!

Basically a private pool in Alam de Ubud – wouldn’t mind living next to it, haha.

Jl. Bisma street

We’ve been to that street a couple of times. It’s a cool lively street in the evenings – bars, spas and restaurants, but not as busy as the centre of Ubud. There’s a great pizza place called Umah pizza, if you get bored of rice and noodles, haha. There we saw some bungalows with a great view to the rice fields and pretty restaurants. That’s the street I’d check as well.

Superrandom – didn’t have any photo of the street so here’s the pizzas we ate. SO GOOD.

I can probably update the list with more places as we explore more around here.

Our house in Bali

Talking about getting better deals on the spot – as we took our house for 3 months, we got the price reduced by 2 millions. Haha that sounds so badass, but it’s 118€ actually. So for a month we are paying 314€. This includes rent, bills, internet, drinking water and cleaning 2x week. So you’d get the idea of how much are the rental prices in Ubud.

The balcony. We live on the II floor and this is also the entrance. First door to kitchen and second to bedroom.
Kitchen. And workspace.
VIew from kitchen. I can NEVER get over this greenery.
View from the balcony

Pretty nice, right? Let me know if you have any questions about living in Bali.


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