We’ve been tracking everything we’ve spent money on during October 2018 here in Ubud, just to have an understanding. And I thought it’s fun to share it with you guys as well. So you’d get the idea of how expensive (or cheap) it is to live in Bali. Maybe someone will rethink their current location, haha.
PS! I made a similar post about all the costs in our 5-day trip to Kiev – so if you are interested, check it out.

Bali living cost per month for 2 people (October 2018)


We live in a little villa 15 min outside Ubud center and we have all included (electricity, water, drinking water, wifi and cleaning 2x week). Our rent per month is 314€. Check out my post about best areas to stay in Ubud.


Scooter rent for 30 days is 41€ (including 2 helmets) and for gas we spent around 7€. In addition there are some tiny parking costs, which were less than 1€ per month. So scooter related stuff all together was 49€.


We buy fresh veggies and fruit from the local market. In a month we spend around 40€ on those (eating mangoes, bananas and watermelon daily). And all the other stuff, like oatmeal, soy mllk, rice, noodles, peanutbutter etc we buy from a supermarket. There we spent 131€ in a month. So for food together it was 171€.

Eating out & coffees

We go out to eat I’d say 4 times a week. And on some days we go to a cafe to work as well. Or just go and have a juice. Usually one fresh juice or coffee is around 1€ and food is somewhere between 1-2€. All this costs us 135€ per month.


I’d say again once a week we do laundry here – it’s so comfortable, you bring your stuff there and they wash it, IRON everything and give it back the same day. 1kg laundry is 0.6€ and in a month this all costs us 8€.


I go to yoga to Intuitive Flow studio, which I totally recommend (haven’t tried out the other ones tho). I bought a 15-times card, which cost 48.5€, and I usually go to yoga 2 times per week, so it’s around 25€ per month per person and 50€ per 2 persons (although Markus doesn’t come to yoga with me, I’ll double it as all the other expenses are per 2 persons).


Once a week we take a one hour full-body massage. One time per one person is 4.7€, so in a month we spent on massage 37€.

Miscellaneous Stuff

Like medication, data for phone, wedding gift (!!) we went to a wedding once, visiting a temple and buying metal straws costed us 30€.


So at the moment we are fostering our second dog, so I’ll add this costs here as well as we bought 1 leash, went to a doctor with the first one and buy puppy food and treats to them. All together we spent 19€.

Travel Insurance

Travel insurance per month is 64€.

All costs per month per 2 persons:

* Rent – 314€
* Scooter – 49€
* Groceries – 171€
* Eating out & Coffees – 135€
* Laundry – 8€
* Yoga – 50€
* Massage – 37€
* Miscellaneous Stuff – 30€
* Dog – 19€
* Travel Insurance – 64€

= 877€, meaning it’s 438.5€ per person.

It’s quite nice, right! Just to compare – last year when we lived in Barcelona, our rent was 950€, which seems crazy now, haha. Oh and just a heads up, in Bali it would be easy to spend even less money (and A LOT MORE). Here you can find accommodation with 10€/night or 100€/night. The same with food, clothing, coffee and everything else. And it also depends on the area – Canggu, for example, is more expensive than Ubud etc.

I hope this blogpost gave some light about the cost of living in Bali. Let me know if you have any questions.


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