In a week we’ll be flying off to Bali. I still cannot believe we are actually going. We were there 2 years ago and this place just charmed me real bad. I’m beyond excited and grateful for this opportunity. I feel it in my bones that it’s going to be one of the coolest times of my life.

Update: Whoa. Our 3 months in Bali is coming to an end.  It truly was one the best trips in my life. There is just something about this island. (Already making plans for coming back next year, hah). 

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But before going, I wanted to make some goals for myself. Nothing too crazy, but just little things to do, to feel better and be better. I’m also sharing some self portraits I took some time ago – it was so so fun. Definitely planning to do that more.

Update: Haven’t done any more self portraits, but we are getting a tripod (!!) so in the future will defo do more. But in the meantime take a look at which of my goals did I aced and which ones I failed with: 

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Goal 1. 10 000 steps per day.

In Estonia it’s easy peasy lemon squeezy, but there…haha, there are no real pedestrian roads. And it’s quite dangerous to walk next to the main road as the traffic is quite crazy + it gets dark really early. Probably we have to find a gym (hopefully an outdoor one) or just drive the scooter out of the city and walk/run in the rice fields. But yeah – 10K steps daily is definitely one of my main goals.

Update: meh, this one didn’t go so well. I guess I got 10 000 steps on most days, but definitely not every day. And we didn’t find a gym. 😀 And I really didn’t work out AT ALL (except some yoga a couple of morning runs). 

Goal 2. No alchol for 3 months.

I thought it would be nice to do a cleanse, especially after summer, when a wine or Aperol Spritz here and there was quite a regular thing. I think this goal won’t be difficult to achieve in Bali as alcohol is not really a thing in their culture. I’d prefer a fresh coconut anyway.

Update: piece of cake. Aced this one without a problem. At first there were of course a couple of nights when I thought it would be nice to have a glass of wine, but in the end I didn’t even think about drinking. The easiest challenge of them all.  

Goal 3. Wake up 6 am.

That’s the hardest goal I guess. We have done that here in Tallinn as well (Markus more than me, haha), and it actually feels great to wake up before the city wakes up. I know in Bali it’s not considered “early”, but for me it’s quite the challange. I hope we can make this into a daily thing.

Update: this one went actually better than I hoped. Definitely didn’t wake up at 6 am each morning, but most days got up between 6-7. And some days when we had a plan to go somewhere, we managed to get up even around 5 am.

Goal 4. Learn to cook Balinese.

THE FOOD. A big reason I want to go back is the food. Gosh, I just love their cooking. And all the fresh fruit available. Thinking of taking a cooking class to ace those gado-gado’s and tempeh dishes.

Update: we shopped at the local market and cooked quite a lot at home. We used tempeh, tofu and the gado gado sauce like pros. BUT the food the locals make is still better. No questions asked. Actually last 2 weeks here we’ve been pretty lazy and eaten out every day – I guess we feel like we need to get ALL the food into our system before we leave, hah. 

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Other goals

Just some small things I want to remind myself.

Explore around Bali as much as possible
To really use all the weekends and evenings to see and discover all the touristic and non-touristic parts of the island. Who knows when we will be back there again.

Update: We explored lots of places (Uluwatu, Canggu, Kuta, Sanur), drove lots around Ubud. Went to the centre of the island to the UNESCO Jatiluwih rice terraces. But we also left many parts to the next time – like the Nusa islands and the north. And I think we will be back sooner than later.

Be part of the community
Not just life there. I want to learn more about their culture, traditions and religion and practice those myself as well. To live there more as locals, rather than tourists.

Update: We lived in a very local neighbourhood, took part in a local wedding and a funeral and fostered many pups in our home . I also read about their religion, traditions and history. We felt more like locals here rather than tourists.

Be present and grateful
There will probably be many frustrating things like slow wifi or no electricity or the traffic, but I want to remind myself how once-in-a-lifetime thing it is to live in Bali and to really make most of our time there. Not get angry over silly things I cannot anyway control.

Update: Haha I must be a psychic. We’ve literally had so many power cuts in the last couple of weeks, but cooking dinner in the candlelight is kinda cool. All in all the gratefulness is an ongoing practice, but I really feel that I’ve 
appreciated every single day here on the island. And I’ve taken moments from the day to just breathe, look around and save those feelings / views / smells to my memories. 

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That’s it. I think I’m ready to go. I’ll try to update this blog as well, but if you want to see my daily adventures, head over to Instagram. Thanks for making it to the end and let me know if you have any comments or questions.

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