After having lived 9 months in Barcelona, I feel pretty confident that I know the vegan scene there. So here are my top recommendations for vegan food in Barcelona that you should definitely-definitely go to:

Flax & Kale

We don’t eat out a lot, but we went to this place many times. t was just too good. Flax & Kale is not completely vegan, but most dishes are plant-based with some fish options. It’s perfect for some special occasions, as it’s not the cheapest place, but the food really is ART there. So well thought through. The taste + appearance of the food is amazing. Pluss the restos have a really cool interior (there are different ones in the city with a lil different menus).

the BEST frappemocha I’ve ever had. Made with  almond milk + housemade cold-brewed coffee + young coconut meat + dates + raw cocoa + agave syrup. WOW.
Frappemocha (5.95€) and an acai bowl (8.95€) in Flax & Kale Tallers.
“Korean chef lost in the pyrenées” (7€) potato ‘trinxat’, jerusalem artichoke, kimchi, oyster mushroom, yellow pepper mousse, young coconut‘cansalada’, nori seaweed, asparagus in Flax & Kale Tallers.
“My vegan japanese girlfirend bowl” (13.50€) black rice, quinoa, ‘bbq pulled pork’ jackfruit, plant-based scrambled egg, yakiniku sauce in Flax & Kale Passage. This was my favourite thing there.
Avocado toast (5.95€), my fav frappemocha (5.95€) in Flax & Kale Tallers.

Maoz Vegetarian

No questions asked. The best street food ever. You order a pita or plate with falafels and you can add all the additional munch yourself. So take as much as you want. And the fries there. YUM. That was our go-to place for a quick (but oh so filling) bite.

Falafel pita (5.40€) and fries (2.40€)

Pizza Circus

This place was right next to our home, which meant I ate more pizza there than I would have in Estonia, haha. But c’mon, they had pizzas with VEGAN cheese. Like a whole bunch of them. Tasted like heaven and also reasonably priced.

Pizzas with vegan cheeses (10-50€)


Best donuts in the world. Crazy good. This place was right on my way to work (soo bad) and it was so hard not to buy those every single day. And everything looks so pretty in the shop. It’s a great for a gift to someone or just to treat yoself.

Vegan donuts (2.95-4.50€). They also had some with homemade nutella. OMG. Could just go back to Barcelona for these.

Gelaaati Di Marco & Shanti Gelato

Added 2 places for ice cream as that’s the main food in the summer-time anyway. Both of them have good vegan options. The Gelaaati Di Marco has a rad chocolate ice cream and Shanti Gelato had lots and lots of yummy choices as I remember.

Gelaaati Di Marco (3 scoops 5.10€)
Shanti Gelato (3 scoops 3.50€)

In addition, if you are into burgers there is the CatBar, which is a fully vegan place. Vegan hot dogs are in a little (mostly takeaway) place called The Dog is Hot. And for Vietnamese food Bun Bo was nice (but nothing too spectacular). Oh, almost forgot about this – another really taste place for falafel pitas was A Tu Bola.

I hope you found some inspo, where to eat next time you are in Barcelona. If you have something to add to the list, write it in the comments below!


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    1. Oh, Barcelona is amazing! One of my fav cities in the world. I hope you find your way there soon. 🙂

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