CHIANG MAI WAS MY ABSOLUTE FAVOURITE PLACE IN THAILAND. Coming from the busy Bangkok, it was so nice. And I really like the more authenitc and traditional northen part of Thailand. Me and Markus both felt like we could live there one day.

We loved the Old City. It is so cool and cosy, reminded me of Ubud, Bali. We lived really close by, so we got our morning smoothies every day from different cafes. The food is crazy-good there as well.

When Bangkok looked to hectic for us to drive a scooter, Ching Mai was more calm and we drove around with a scooter every day. We read before as well, that the police is very eager to fine tourists (when you don’t have the motorcyle license – car licence is not enough). We read a tip about having two separate wallets – one for the fine money and one for your own money and so we did.


For a couple of days nothing happened, but then on one afternoon we were pulled over. Fortunately, we had the separate wallet with only money that was worth like 10€ and that’s what we paid to the police. They let us go within a couple of minutes. First, we felt quite bad about getting a fine, but we saw how common it is there. We saw so many tourists pulled over every minute, but no locals were controlled (even if they were driving without a helmet). Seems a bit unfair, but fortunately the fine was not that big. We also agreed that for next time we are going to Asia, Markus will get a motorcycle license as well. 

But back to the positive side of the trip:

COOKING CLASS. We took a vegan cooking class and luckily we were the only ones on that day, so the class turnt out to personal one. First, we went to the market together with the local lady and then started cooking at her place. We made like 10 dishes all together and got to eat them all. YUMMY

STICKY WATERFALL. Okay, this actually deserves a whole separate blog post, but to sum it up, this was THE BEST EXPERIENCE in Thailand. Although, it is quite a drive (70 km) from Chiang Mai, it is SOO worth it. And because of the distance, it was not crowed as well, which was super nice. Anyway to get to the waterfall – it was the strangest thing I have ever seen. The waterfall had these special kind of rocks, that were not slippery at all and you could climb up and down the waterfall. At first it was pretty scary, but it was seriously one of the top 10 experiences of my life. 

ELEPHANT TEMPLES. Elephants are such cute animals and I love it that in Thailand they are very cared for. There were so many temples with elephant statues. I really liked Wat Chiang Man and the golden Wat Phra Singh Temple.

SMOOTHIES. We drank smoothies every. single. day. My favourite one was of course mango, but pineapple and passion fruit were also heavelny good.

MASSAGE. There is really nothing better than getting rubbed after a long day walking or riding on a back of a scooter. Wish I could afford it in Europe as well! 

travel date: January, 2017 

Smoothies for breakfast, lunch and dinner
Enjoying noodles and curries
Happy locals
Amazed by all the temples and palm trees
Mango sticky rice made in a cooking class
Happy pup
Discovering the temples
Not a bad view at all from Doi Suthep
STICKY WATERFALL – the coolest thing in Thailand


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