For Markus’ birthday I got him (and I) tickets to Hamburg, Germany. We went there in August. And although you would expect August to be warm and sunny, it was kinda windy and rainy and felt more like November. Luckily we had some beautiful days as well.

This was my first visit to Hamburg and I really liked it. Although, I think I like Berlin more. We stayed in Eimsbüttel, which is a pretty neighbourhood with lots of greenness.

Neither of us really enjoys the touristic stuff, so most of the time we just drank lots of coffee, rode the bikes around the town, ate good vegan food and just spend time together. It was a super-nice little getaway before the busy autumn.

Of course we checked out the famous Elbephilarmonie, but the thing that got into my heart was the neighbourhood next to it – Speicherstadt, which is a warehouse district also in the UNESCO World Heritage List. Of course we went through the Elbe Tunnel, which is an old tunnel connecting St. Pauli with Steinwerder district.  The coolest vibe and food places were probably in the St. Pauli district.

As we mostly hanged around coffee places, I am going to share my


◊ LESS POLITICAL (Sternstraße 68, 20357 Hamburg, Germany)
◊ MILCH (Ditmar-Koel-Straße 22, 20459 Hamburg, Germany)
◊ NORD COAST COFFEE ROASTERY (Deichstraße 9, 20459 Hamburg, Germany)
◊ MANDELMEHL & ZUCKEREI (Rappstraße 16, 20146 Hamburg, Germany)

But no more talk. Enjoy the pictures now:

Travel date: August, 2017

Morning coffee at Less Political
Don’t remeber this place’s name, but the coffee was not that remarkable. Cool wall though.
Baby with all of our stuff
Cannot believe I am actually seeing sun? 😀
Breakfast and coffee at Nord Coast Coffee Roastery

So many beautiful buildings in Hamburg
VEGAN pizza at Pizza Bande
Coffee at Mandelmehl & Zuckerei
Capturing cool architecture

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