Kiev was such a positive surprise and we fell in love with it from the first sight. Of course, the traffic was chaotic and all the houses looked like they needed some touching up, but the overall vibe totally charmed us. One thing we really liked about Kiev was how cheap it was. Coffee costed less than a euro. What?!  Interested to read how much we spent there for 5 nights? Read about it here.

But now I wanted to enlighten you about the coolest places we went to. There were a lot of young stylish people and the cafes and bars didn’t disappoint as well.


Okay, if you miss all the other places, that’s fine, but THIS ONE you cannot miss. Just can’t. We randomly walked in the street and saw this pink cafe. And it’s located in a very cool area – Podil – with lots of cool cafes as well. So wandering around there is a good idea.

Love the HUMMUSexual shirt.


Another place, which deserves a medal for the interior design. It’s all white tiles. So cool. This place is really small and more suitable for takeaway. PS! If you go there, order halva-coffee, it was so interesting.

The delish halva-coffee
All white tiles for the inteior


Cool cocktail bar with also great interior. But we sat outside as they had a couple of stools right outside on the street – I really love the concept of not having a special terrace, but people are just sitting right in the middle of the street.

So many bars and cafes were underground, don’t really know what’s the deal with this.

Besarabsky Market

The market was just around the corner from our Airbnb and we ate there twice. There is like a regular market and then a food-court, that offers vegan options (Green 13), noodles (NoodleDoodle), Vietnamese food (Vyetnamskiy Privet), falafels etc. The place doesn’t look too pretty, but we saw a lot of cool people eating there and the food was okay, so if you are in the neighbourhood, I suggest you check it out.

Found this really cool corner in the market.
Vegan burger with seitan, still realised that I’m not a fan of seitan.

Kachorovska store & cafe

We only hopped into this one for a second, but it’s very nice-looking. The shop part is  a boutique, so rather expensive, but the cafe part was nice. Too bad I had just drunk my morning coffee and wasn’t in the mood to have another, but it looked cool and I’d definitely go back there. Hehe, just got a reason to visit Kiev again.

Reitarska street

This neighbourhood and especially the street is really nice. We were looking for the famous hipster Bar 13, but ended up in the coolest street festival my eye has ever seen. DJ’s playing, a skateboarding competition, and little design pop-ups. We were just walking around there and could not believe our eyes – I’ve never seen such a huge amount of super-cool people in once space. It looked like they all came from fashion week or smth.

As it started to rain pretty soon I forgot to take photos here. So you have to go and check it out yourself, haha.

Kurazh Bazar in Art-Zavod Platforma 

I highly suggest you take the metro a bit out to the centre and visit the Art-Zavod Platforma. We went there on Saturday and there was a super cool event called Kurazh Bazar with flea and design market, lots of food courts and bands playing. There were so many cosy spots created for the people to just hang out and we literally spent the whole day there. I think the market takes place one a month, you can check their FB page for more info.

This time the theme was FRIENDS, so everything had reference to the series. Which was really fun!
Super cool vibe there.

I truly hope you find some inspiration of where to go next time you are in Kiev. And if Kiev is not on your travel list, I hope this post made you reconsider. Honestly, I think it’s very underrated and a total gem. So go there before it becomes TOO popular.

Thanks for making in to the end, and if you have any questions or comments, leave them down below.



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