I’m back from a oh-so-needed vacay aka a short trip to Kiev. We stayed there for 5 nights and got to see the city quite a bit. I though of doing a different kind of post, telling you the prices there and how much we spent. So you’d get an idea of how ridiculously cheap Kiev really is.

PS! I’m going to add the costs in categories, so it’s easier to follow. Just skip right to the “all costs” if you are not into details.

Plane tickets

The biggest cost obviously. From Tallinn you can get to Kiev directly with Wizz Air and that’s what we did. SOO comfortable. Only thing is the customs line in the airport, which felt like it took forever. The price for our back and forth tickets together was 240€.


In Kiev you have lots of option – I checked from Airbnb and you basically can find rooms starting from 10€ a night (for 2 people). Of course you get what you pay for, so the more decent Airbnbs started from 20€ per night. We stayed right in the city centre. The location was perfect – really close to shops, cafes and metro. For the 5 nights we paid 165€. You can find our Airbnb here.


Mostly we walked as we love discovering places by foot. Our rides with Uber from and to the airport costed 5,8€ (180 ₴). In the city, we took the metro a couple of times. One ticket was 0,26€ (8₴) and all together we spent on this 2,6€ (80₴). So transportation (Uber + metro) costed 8,4€ (261₴). 

Eating and drinking out

Every day we ate brekkie at home and lunch and dinner out. I also bought coffee daily and we had occasional beers here and there. The cheapest coffee I got costed less than 0.6€, and it wasn’t bad. CRAZY. The food prices were between 2-5€ in most places. So all together we spent on food and drink 91€ (2830 ₴).


Mostly we bought water (as the tap water is not drinkable there), some snacks, breakfast, toothpaste etc necessary things. For all of this, we spent 25€ (764₴).


We didn’t do much of the touristic must-see things, but we did visit the famous Motherland Monument, which also had a World War II museum (1€ ticket). They also had a park with war planes and machinery, which was an additional 0,16€. And we went to the Chernobyl museum. There I definitely-definitely recommend you to take an audio guide. Otherwise you really don’t understand anything. One ticket together with the audio guide was 2,4€ (75 ₴). So on sightseeing things the 2 of us spent 7€ (220₴).

Miscellaneous stuff

Aka things that didn’t fit anywhere else. This included unlimited internet data, a festival visit, a pair of insoles for Markus’ sneakers and some photo booth pics. All together this was 16,5€ (512₴).

All costs:

  • Plane tickets – 240€
  • Airbnb – 165€
  • Transportation – 8,4€
  • Eating & drinking – 91€
  • Groceries – 25€
  • Sightseeing – 7€
  • Miscellaneous – 16,5€

*drum roll please*

= 462€ for two people. Meaning it was 231€ per person. I think it’s quite decent for a 5 day trip. Okay, who are we kidding. It’s the cheapest destination I’ve ever travelled to. It even tops Thailand and Bali.  What’s the cheapest place you’ve ever travelled to?

Thanks for making it to the end! ♥
Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.


2 thoughts on “How cheap KIEV really is?”

  1. Okey I will say that my cheapest destination has been Prague and Bali. We got our flytickets to Bali for about ~600€ and the accommodation was about 700€ for two for 15 nights. Prague was cheap for a restaurant lover. But I think that every other country is a bit cheaper than Finland, even the Swedish Krone is quite low now. But 500€ is very cheap for 2 people for two nights when we are in Europe!

    1. Hi! Thanks for writing, Nelli!
      And haha, of course, coming from Finland almost everywhere is cheap (especially Asia and Eastern Europe). I’ve been to both as well – Bali and Prague. It’s so nice to go to a location, you can spend all your soul desires, and in the end of the day it’s still so little compared to most of the cities in Europe.
      But compared to Prague and Bali, cost-wise Kiev won. Of course in Bali you can find extra cheap local foods and stuff, but most destinations (like Canggu) are becoming more and more popular and that’s why more and more expensive.
      From Estonia it’s rather expensive to fly anywhere, so plane tickets are always my biggest cost while travelling. But yes, 500 together with everything is GOOD. 🙂

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