We wanted the end of our Thailand trip to be very relaxed and laid-back, so we chose the island in the south – Koh Lanta. We read that Koh Lanta is a small and calm island with great beaches. That’s exactly what it was. Not too many tourists and definitely not a party island. Although it was mostly built for tourists (many accommodation places and restaurants), it still had a very local not too pretty vibe.

What I liked most about the place was the Lanta Animal Welfare. Years ago, the island had a lot of problems with stray dogs, so they created this local animal shelter for dogs and cats. Today, there is no stray dogs in the streets – all of them are rescued by the amazing shelter staff and volunteers.

It was so easy to volunteer there as well. We went there almost every day to play with the dogs and to take them for a walk. And it was nice to see that we were not the only ones. Actually, it was SO popular, that on some days, we did not even get a dog, because all dogs were walked already (which is very nice!). And a lot of animals are adopted abroad from there as well.

The Lanta Animal Welfare was definitely the highlight of Koh Lanta for me. Because I am obsessed with dogs. SeriouslyBut that’s not all we did there


◊ TOOK IN SOME VITAMIN D (and vitamin sea) on empty beaches
◊ ATE A LOT OF CURRIES (and drank the sweetest mango smoothies)
DROVE AROUND THE ISLAND (a scooter is the best and actually only way to more around there)
◊ DISCOVERED THE KOH LANTA NATIONAL PARK (picturesque place with not so polite monkeys)
◊ GOT A HAIRCUT (that was something new! Never before or after have I got a haircut abroad)
◊ ALMOST BOUGHT FAKE ADIDAS SNEAKERS from local market, but then decided not to.

THE STRANGEST THING IN KOH LANTA (and what also made it so homely) was the fact that going into shops, you had to take of your shoes. Haha, it felt like going into someone’s living room. But there is something so cute about small islands, maybe it’s the community vibe.

All in all, Koh Lanta was a very relaxed place. The 6 days we spent there was totally enough. We got the much needed rest and SUN before heading back to the cold Estonia.

Travel date: February, 2017

Found out that empty paradise beaches do excist
The tiniest creature I have ever seen! ♥
2 brothers at Lanta Animal Welfare
Never enough of this view
Walked dogs almost every day
And drank a lot of ice coffee
Living in this moment
Baby swinging, after him came a couple of monkeys
Got a new haircut. The friendliest hairdresser I have ever had!
Spending days like this
Always wear helmets, kids!
Sunset in Koh Lanta


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