You may or may not have seen my post about our 3-day travel itinerary in KL. Now I’m going to let you know how cheap or expensive the city really is.

So, from the beginning:

Plane tickets

We took a direct flight from Bali to KL with AirAsia. For 2 people, both ways, we paid together 198€.


We stayed at the Regalia Suites, which I cannot recommend. The whole building looked very tired, unclean and under construction. The apartment itself was okay, but not worth the money. The only good thing about the apartment was the rooftop pool (which truly was amazing). You can find many Regalia Suites apartments on Airbnb (still don’t recommend it, haha). It’s a HUGE complex with 1000 apartments. For 3 nights we paid 80€.


From and to the airport we took a Grab (Uber in Asia), which cost us 15€. And a couple of times, when it rained, we also used the Grab. Otherwise we walked or used the metro (one ticket to Batu Caves, for example, was 0.5€). On transport we spent 35€. 

Eating out and coffees

We ate out once a day and took juices and coffees on the go. Coffee cost around 1.5€ and the average meal was around 3-4€. For all of this we spent 41€.


We made breakfast and dinner at the Airbnb, bought ben&jerry’s VEGAN ice cream (oh-my), some snacks and water. For this we spent 30€.


The only sightseeing thing that cost money was the KL tower. And we never go to these kinds of things, so we decided to try it out (not worth it, read more here). The entrance fee for 2 people was 42€.

Miscellaneous stuff

We bought some data for the phone, which was 3€.

(& shopping)

I bought a 2019 planner/notebook, which was 10€ and new running sneakers (55€), but of course the last 2 things are not connected to the travel cost, I just needed those.

All costs:

* Plane tickets – 198 €
* Airbnb – 80€
* Transportation – 35€
* Eating out and coffees – 41€
* Groceries – 30€
* Sightseeing – 42€
* Miscellaneous – 3€

= 429€ for 2 people. So it’s 214,5€ for one person. Decide yourself if it’s expensive or cheap. Kuala Lumpur is definitely a city you can spend a lot more or a lot less in. Depending on what your goals are.

Let me know if you have any questions in the comments below.

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