Mallroca was a super nice getaway before going back to Estonia for the hectic Christmas time (I know Christmas should be calm and peaceful, but somehow it always turns out to be the busiest and craziest time of the year. Am I the only one, who feels this way, haha?) But back to Mallorca now.

During the 5 days we stayed in Mallorca, I think we experienced all the seasons. It was sunny t-shirt weather when we arrived in Palma, but we also got some rain on 2 days. And one evening it got sooo stormy – but somehow it turned out to be extra cool driving in the mountains with dark clouds and heavy wind (a bit scary too I must admit). But all in all, it was kinda good and warm for a december weather.

On the first day we walked around the capital Palma. I didn’t have any expectations for Palma (maybe only yahts and palm trees, which is true of course) and I was positively surprised about the old town and the little cafes and shops! I loved the historic arhitecture, courtyards and narrow streets. PALMA REMINDED ME OF BARCELONA, BUT IT’S MUCH MORE STYLISH AND LAID-BACK.

We walked around a lot and took as much D vitamin in as possible (t-shirt weather, remember). When we got tired, we ate some noodles and chilled in front of the Palma Cathedral, where the view to the sea is just magnificant. ♥

Then we rented a car and drove around the island. With the next 3 days we discovered many cute little towns including Deià, Soller and Pollença. Deià – the smallest one turnt out to be my favourite! We also visited a castle of Capdepera (and saw the cutest cat, haha). But mostly we hiked around in the nature and saw some BREATH-TAKINGLY BEAUTIFUL views. 


One of the coolest experiences was climbing to a cliff in Cala de Sa Costa Brava, where we met the cutest donkeys on the way. The road to the cliff was pretty long and it took us about 3 hours to get to the top and back. But the view from top there was totally worth it (not to mention the whole road there was superb).

Another picturesque mountain road was on our way to the Formentor lighthouse – this is definitely a must-see place in Mallorca. We stopped on the way and had a little picnic, because it was just too pretty not to. There were no other people, just mountain goats, haha.

Oh, and another cool experience was on the last evening, when we drove to Torrent de Pareis, which is such a magical place – you walk through a cave. An actual cave. And arrive to the sea with the BRIGHTEST BLUE water I’ve ever seen. If it hadn’t been so late, we would have definitely walked around there more as well.


The island is sooo mountainous. The views were crazy beautiful everywhere. And the little towns on the way.  I could have just drove around there for hours and hours. ♥

YES YES YES. I am so happy we visited Mallorca in off-season, because honestly I cannot imagine what’s going on there in high season…the roads were so narrow already with almost no cars. Some resort towns where totally dead (could not even find coffee there) but at the same time it was all so peaceful and we just spent most of our time in nature (which we both love). And all the amazing viewpoints were empty of tourists, which was so nice. Next time, when it’s a bit warmer, I definitely plan to check out the dreamy beaches as well.

Travel date: December, 2017

Hello, Palma!
Palma Cathedral
Taking in all the D vitamin
And eating lots of chinese food 😛
Just like a postcard
View during the drive was soo nice
On our way to Formentor lighthouse
Met the cutest creatures on the way to Cala de Sa Costa Brava
My heart is melting!!
So amazed by the nature here

Climbed to the top of the Cala de Sa Costa Brava
view from castle of Capdepera
Hiked in the nature
Torrent de Pareis – no filter needed here!
Last morning brekkie In La Molienda cafe in Palma
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