One weekend we decided we had seen enough of Barcelona (haha, actually not) and went to a day trip to Montserrat. We rented a scooter from Cooltra (good vehicle, great service) and drove up to mountains.

Montserrat is a bit more than an hour drive from Barcelona. There is a monastery (and a couple of houses) on top of the mountain. And it looks so very cool. Of course, Montserrat is a pretty popular tourist attraction, so do expect to see busses full of tourists.

We peaked into the monastery, but did not see the famous Black Madonna statue (you should have seen the line, I think we would have waited more than an hour). We were most impressed by the nature and the mountains and decided to hang in the nature.

So we hiked around there and took a lot of photos.

Montserrat is a great getaway from Barcelona and if you are have time, I would definitely advise you to check this place out. Oh, but bring some food, because there was only one little shop and cafe, but it was very touristic expensive and neither of them had anything for vegans.

But actually, what I loved most was the road to Montserrat. It was sooooo picturesque. I wanted to stop every other second to take some photos. I love driving with the scooter (well, I am not actually driving, but sitting on the back seat) through the mountains. It felt as cool as a scene from a movie.

Travel date: September, 2017

Always wear helmets, kids
Stopping a lot for the views
Mountains are soo powerful
SO CRAZY how they build the house on the mountains like that

Bringing our own snacks everywhere we go
A little selfie ♥
Taking lots of pictures, although the views are so much better in real life

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