We had already seen the amazing mountains in Montserrat, which we totally fell in love with. So for another day trip, we decided to rent a car and see what else Catalonia has to offer. And oh boy, we did not have to disappoint. We went to the Morro de l’abella, which is about 100 km from Barcelona.

I almost teared up when I saw the views. I can easily say that it’s in my top 5 of most beautiful places I’ve been. 

The trip to Morro de l’abella is definitely one of the highlights of my 2017. The whole day was just so perfect – we just sat there on top of the cliff and talked about how amazing the world is and how we want to have more of these kinds of Wednesdays. Spend more of our life discovering places and being outside rather than staring at computer screens at the office.

And the best part of the trip? We went there on a Wednesday (thanks, Spain, for public holidays) and we were almost the only ones. I cannot imagine what is going on there during high season (but I guess LOTS OF tourists). Nevertheless, Morro de l’abella is a must visit place, when you are exploring around Barcelona. 

From the viewpoint we drove to the nearby little town called Tavertet, which looked like a movie set. All the houses were so much alike and there were no people in the streets (so strange!). But there is something sweet and cosy about little towns like these. I would definitely want to spend a couple of months in a town like this in the future. I can already imagine it – working on my sunny balcony and taking long walks in the nature (with my future dog).

Oh, the only thing that sucked was not that great was the fact that we paid more than 20€ for different road taxes. Of course it is soo comfortable to drive on the highway, but  in one stop they charged us like 9€ for a less than a km long road section. WHAAT?!

Okay, but enough of the chit-chat and time for the VIEWS:

Travel date: November, 2017

No humans in Taverter, but found this cute creature

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