I’m already at the airport ready to go to Bali, but before that I wanted to update you on my weekend trip with the girls. Last year we went to Prague and this year it was Paris. Haha, I guess there’s a pattern, so next year we have to find a city that also starts with the letter P. Any recommendations?

But WHOA. Paris. It was my 4th time there and the city just never gets old. Love the vibe, the architecture, the boulangeries and the fashion scene. My sister just moved there, so it’s a good excuse to visit Paris even more often.

With the girls we didn’t really do any touristic stuff as we’ve all been there before (and done it. many times). So it was more like walking around Marais, having picnics at the parks and drinking cocktails. A perfect way to end the summer and celebrate a new season.

So here’s our dreamy weekend in Paris. In Pictures. ♥

Bisous from Paris

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