We lived in Sri Lanka for a whole month (29 days in total). Sri Lanka is super-cool. I love the rawness of the country. It’s not as developed or western or comfortable as some other Southeast Asia countries.

Photos from Little Adams Peak hike in Ella.

Our monthly trip went like this: we spent 3 weeks in the South – see my absolutely favourite beach here – then we did the Udawalawe safari – went to Ella – took the world’s prettiest train ride to Kandy and drove back to the airport in Colombo.

Note: We also worked full-time during this month. That’s why we didn’t want to move around that often.

How much did this month in Sri Lanka cost us? Find out here:


The visas are super easy to apply for. You can do everything in advance online. For two people 30 day visas were 62€.


We stayed in 5 different places all together. We only book ahead, when we plan to stay for 1-2 nights. Otherwise we look for a home on the spot (as you can really win with the price this way and find houses that are not even listed on Airbnb). The total cost of the accommodation was 311€. 


Mostly we traveled with local buses, but sometimes we also used tuk-tuks. You need to know how to bargain with these guys – it’s crazy what money they ask at first!! And even if you bargain, you still pay more than you should. That’s why tuk-tuks are not my favourite way of transport. For the weekends we also rented a scooter and we took the scenic train ride from Ella to Kandy once as well. All together for transportation it was 63€.

Eating out & coffees

We decided on this trip not to bother with cooking. None of the places we stayed at had a decent kitchen and as eating out is so cheap here (2-3€), we ate lunch and dinner out every single day. The food is good – cannot really get enough of the curries and parathas. Eating out twice a day and occasional coffees + smoothies costed us 208€.


We only bought water, snacks and breakfast stuff from the store. This cost us 95€ per month. 


The internet is the only thing that really sucks in Sri Lanka. We had many problems with wifi, so we mostly used our own mobile data. And they have this super-weird system, that when you buy 5GB, you can use 2,5 during daytime and 2,5 during nighttime. As we worked full time we needed quite a lot of data. All together we bought 63GB (31.5 per day and 31.5 per night) and this costed us 18€. 

Miscellaneous Stuff

Some random things like medication, cleaning products, surfing lessons, printing visa visa application photos and other random stuff. All together the random stuff was 65€.


We didn’t do much of sightseeing as we’ve seen so many temples in Thailand and rather tried to avoid the crowds. But we did do the Udawalawe safari and visited the Elephant transit home (where we saw baby elephants!!). This together was 59€. 

Travel Insurance

We use a subscription-based travel insurance, which is a great option, if you are not really sure how long are you staying. The company is called SafetyWing (not sponsored) and we pay 64€ per month for 2 people.

All costs per month per 2 persons:

  • Accommodation – 311€
  • Transport – 63€
  • Eating out & coffees – 208€
  • Groceries – 95€
  • Data – 18€
  • Miscellaneous Stuff – 65€
  • Sightseeing – 59€
  • Travel Insurance – 64€

*drumroll please*

Living for a month in Sri Lanka costed us together 883€. Which means for one person it was 441,5€. Not bad considering all the eating outs and adventures we did there. 

See my Bali monthly cost of living here. Our next stop is Hoi An, Vietnam. Interesting to see if we spend more or less there. Will let you know next month. Thanks for sticking around!

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