If you want to know, how expensive it really is to live on the paradise island of Bali, you’re in for a treat. We tracked all our living costs in Ubud, Bali during November 2019. And now I’m going to share with you EVERYTHING we spent.

PS! I made a similar post last year with the cost of living in Ubud in October 2018. Take a look at how much it differs from this year.

Ubud living cost per month for 2 people (November 2019)

#1 Living cost – Rent

We live in a little villa 25 min outside Ubud center and we have a brand new house with a private garden overlooking the valley. We accidentally scored our dream home! And we have pretty much all included: electricity, water, drinking water, wifi and cleaning 1x week. We pay a little more than last year, but we are SO HAPPY with the house and the location. Our rent per month is 384€ (6 million IDR). Check out my post about the best areas to stay in Ubud.

Ubud living cost-rent

That’s our house here in Ubud, Bali

#2 Living cost – Transport

We drive around with a scooter in Bali. Actually, we got the exact same scooter as last year. Scooter rent for 30 days is 45€ (700K IDR) including 2 helmets and for the gas, we spent around 8€ (122K IDR). So transport-related stuff all together was 53€ (830K IDR).

Ubud living cost - transport

My personal driver ♥

#3 Living cost – Groceries

We decided to eat out every day for lunch and dinner because we calculated that it’s not actually more expensive than cooking at home. Especially when we only eat vegetarian food and at local warungs. So for groceries, we buy breakfast material (oatmeal, coffee, fresh fruit, peanut butter) and snacks (peanuts, chips, etc) and some home stuff (soap, shampoo, etc). In the supermarket/market, we spent around 95€ (1,48 million IDR).

#4 Living cost – Eating out & coffees

As I mentioned, we’ve increased the times we eat out. When last year we ate at cafes around 4 times per week, then this year we eat out 14 times per week. Yeah, sometimes we get fed up with rice and noodles, but overall it’s so much more convenient for us than cooking at home.

And at least once per week, we change our home office to a cafe for work. All this costs us 208€ (3,26 million IDR), which is around 3.7€ per meal for 2 people!

Ubud living cost - eating outA little #treatourselves brekkie (our usual meals are much more simple)

#5 Living cost – Laundry

We don’t have a washing machine so we get our laundry done weekly. This cost is pretty much the same as last year. One kilo costs 0.64€ (10K IDR). Every week we have around 4kg of laundry and in a month we spend on it around 10€ (155K IDR).

#6 Living cost – Massage

Usually, we #treatourselves and go to a one-hour full-body Balinese massage once per week. But November was super-busy for us and we managed to go only 2 times this month. One time per one person is 6.4€ (100K IDR) and per month in November, we spent on massage 26€ (400K IDR).

#7 Living cost – Miscellaneous Stuff

This includes medication, data for phone, cinema tickets, dog food and dog vaccination for our foster puppy (which was 12€, 200K IDR) and other random spendings (like a bought a hat, and Markus did some work-related printing). All this for a month cost us 52€ (809K IDR).

Ubud living cost - Miscellaneous-Stuff

Our foster puppy Kiki getting a vaccination

#8 Living cost – Visas

We have a social visa here in Bali, which means we can stay for 6 months, but we have to extend the visa every month. We use a visa agency to do that for us because it’s quite a time-consuming hustle to do it yourself (including several trips to Denpasar, a sponsor letter from a local and filling out documents in Indonesian). For this service and visa extension, we pay 112€ (1.75 million IDR) per month.

Last year we stayed for 2+1 months (we left the country in between) and so we didn’t have to extend our visas. Read more about the Indonesian visa system and about the extension from here and here.

#9 Living cost – Travel Insurance

For travel insurance, we pay 37 dollars per month per person. We use subscription-based insurance called Safety Wing (not sponsored) which means we pay only for these months we are away from home. It’s really convenient for digital nomads and for people unsure of their travel plans. So for insurance, we spend around 66€.

All living costs per month per 2 persons:

  • Rent – 384€ (6 million IDR)
  • Transport – 53€ (830K IDR)
  • Groceries – 95€ (1.48 million IDR)
  • Eating out & Coffees – 208€ (3.26 million IDR)
  • Laundry – 10€ (155K IDR)
  • Massage – 26€ (400K IDR)
  • Miscellaneous Stuff – 52€ (809K IDR)
  • Visa – 112€ (1.75 million IDR)
  • Travel Insurance – 66€ (1.03 million IDR)

= 1006€ (15.7 million IDR), meaning it’s 503€ per person.

That’s a little more than we spent last year living in Bali but it’s not bad at all considering we scored our dream house and we are eating out twice a day. And this time we have to pay for the visa extension (which is a pretty big cost in our budget).

FYI, this is just our experience living in Ubud, Bali. You can easily spend 2 or 3 times more if you live in a house with a pool or eat out in western cafes. But I hope this blog post gave some ideas about the cost of living in Bali. Let me know if you have any questions.

Ubud living cost-2019

Sending good vibes from Bali,

6 thoughts on “How much do we spend living in UBUD? (November 2019)”

  1. Ah! Nice post, by the way, Im your new followers on Instagram! And Im living on Bali too (as a student)
    Can u tell me why do you choose Ubud? How do you think about Denpasar? Its cheaper 😀

    1. Hi! Thank you so much for the comment, and nice to see you in Insta! 🙂 High 5, Bali is amazing right!!

      To answer your question – I chose Ubud because I really like the vibe here, it is definitely my favourite region in Bali. I love that it is so in the middle of nature and rice fields. Denpasar is too much of a “city” for me. I prefer the village/countryside location more. If you are currently studying, of course, it makes sense to be in Denpasar. 🙂 But price-wise Ubud is not that bad compared to Canggu for example. 😀

      Thanks for the comment!

  2. Hey! Thanks for the post! What about clothes, how often do you buy new stuff? Any tips for the best/ your favorite stores in Ubud?

    1. Hi! Good question. Actually, with years I’ve become quite a minimalist. So I travel with a 40l backpack and avoid buying new clothes (unless I really need them) as they take on extra space. And to be honest, in Ubud I haven’t bought any clothings (so proud of myself). But for shopping, I’d suggest the Jalan Hanoman, which has many nice shops and local boutiques. The other good street for shopping, in my opinion, would be the main Jl. Monkey Fores (more on the Jl. Raya side, not the actual Monkey Forest side). Hope this helps, xx! 🙂

    1. Hey-hey! There is no option of staying 2 months with free visas. I meant that as we stayed only for 2 months at that time (then we flew out of the country), we didn’t have to EXTEND our visas. We got the social visas (B-211) from Helsinki embassy before coming to Bali and these lasted for 2 months straight (with an option to extend them 4 times, 1 month at a time). With this social visa all together you can stay for 6 months, which we are doing right now. But the extension process is pretty pricy as I mentioned in my blog post. Hope this answers your question! 🙂

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