Time for an overview of the cost of living in Hoi An, Vietnam. Crazy to think we have already been here for over a month. Coming from Sri Lanka it’s kind of the same (tropical climate and all) but kind of really different (the culture, the people, the food). All in all, Vietnam is really sympathetic and I’m happy we get to explore it this way.

How cheap or expensive it is to live in Vietnam? Take a look:


The visa system in Vietnam is not as simple as in other countries. So do your homework and apply in time. PS! Super important thing – in the visa office at the airport, you need to have 25$ (or Vietnamese dong) per person to get your visa. So change that at home. Two visas & visa letters for 3 months cost us 72€ and to divide it by 3 would be 24€ per month.


We got a nice private house near the rice fields. We got pretty lucky, cause the house is brand new with a minimalist interior. It’s 2-3km from the hectic city centre so that makes it perfect. We pay 356€ for rent (including internet) and about 12€ for electricity. So all together accommodation is 368€.


Hoi An is pretty walkable, so we didn’t rent a scooter for a month. We only take it for the weekends and use a regular bicycle (that was already in the house) on short distances. And mostly we like to walk, to get a lil stretch from sitting all day at a computer. Renting a scooter for a day costs around 4€ here. So transportation per month was only 16€.

Eating out & coffees

Here we have our own kitchen, so we don’t eat out as much as we did in Sri Lanka. But we still eat out once a day. We have a couple of favourite places we go to almost every day. On average, we spend 4-6€ per meal together. And coffee (I mostly order cold Saigon coffee, no sugar) costs around 1€. Together all this cost us 177€.


This is a tricky one here in Vietnam. There is no big grocery story in Hoi An, so at first, we drove to Da Nang, but this is a bit far away for the regular shopping. We tried going to the local market and understood in a minute that we paid double of what the locals paid. So now we have the nicest lady in the world shopping for us and helping us get the normal prices. Groceries per month were 172€.


Finally, we took on a commitment and joined a gym. YAY. It has been ages since I worked out regularly. And it feels really good to get to the gym first thing in the morning. My favourite thing probably is the road there – I run there through endless rice fields. Real Bali vibes here. For a month we pay 53€ for 2 people. 

Data & miscellaneous stuff

The internet is super-cheap in Hoi An. With the sim card and 3GB per day in a month we paid 4€ (for 3G internet, which works fine). And just re-loading data the next month cost only 0.77€. What. And together with other things like cleaning products, some clothes, vitamins etc the total for March was 26€.

Travel Insurance

We use a subscription-based travel insurance, which is a great option if you are not really sure how long are you staying. The company is called SafetyWing (not sponsored) and we pay 64€ per month for 2 people.

All costs per month per 2 persons:

  • Accommodation – 368€
  • Transport – 16€
  • Eating out & coffees – 177€
  • Groceries – 172€
  • Gym – 53€
  • Miscellaneous Stuff – 26€
  • Travel Insurance – 64€

All together this is 876€, which means per person living in Hoi An for a month was 438€.

Take a look at my cost of living in Bali, KievSri Lanka and Kuala Lumpur. Thank you for sticking around and let me know if you have any questions.

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